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The Architecture Information Network


Archdata is a community of designers, architects, and enthusiasts gathering and sharing images and information about architecture and interiors.

Connecting people

Explore architecture through image tags

Archdata's images are overlayed with tags pointing to specific arcihtectural and interior elements. Each tag is linked to other buildings which share similar attributes.


Store all your inspiration

All favorited buildings, architects, typolgoies, and tags are stored to your profile for easy access to all things inspirational.


A new browsing experience

Archdata's database is the first of its kind — designed from the ground up to allow users to visually explore buildings, architects, typologies, and image tags through a series of linked relationships.


Search for anything

Archdata's database can be quickly accessed through search. Results are categorically filtered.


User-generated and featured buildings

The Archdata feed (home page) consists of user-generated and featured architects, buildings, tags, and typologies. New content is displayed on a regular basis, so check back soon!

News feed

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